Factory strip out

After dismantling and loading the machines, machine lines, or other goods, the site can be completely emptied by Gerritsen.

We can strip any size or type of building, commercial or industrial, steel portals, concrete or brick. The process involves the removal of all non-structural materials (soft strip) inside and outside the building to return the building to its shell. This process focuses on building elements such as flooring, lighting, suspended ceilings, cable ducts and so on.

Where necessary, a waste management plan (SWMP) will be prepared indicating all waste streams and disposal routes. This will help us determine the most efficient way to carry out your project in an environmentally friendly manner.

Factory clearances and construction site clearances are managed as follows:

  • Set up "Pre-Start" meetings with all stakeholders and draft plans.
  • Prepare detailed logistics plan, including container supply and transport.
  • Agreement on waste streams (SWMP) and disposal route.
  • Confirm and check all relevant documentation and photographically record progress.

Cost effectiveness, quality and waste management in your projects are essential!