Truck mounted crane transport

Besides our regular trucks and trailers, we also have a wide range of trucks equipped with a truck-mounted crane. All our crane trucks can be extended with an open trailer or enclosed tarpaulin trailer for additional cargo. These trucks are used daily within the Netherlands, the UK and Europe to provide various customers with customised services.  

Transportation to difficult terrain is no problem for our specialised drivers. Gerritsen Logistics has several truck-mounted cranes ranging from 63 tonne metres to 215 tonne metres. All trucks are equipped with a wide variety of lifting gear, hoisting traverses, auxiliary equipment and possibly a JIB for even greater reach. 

A combination of a crane truck and a tractor with trailer is of course also possible. Our staff are at your disposal to examine the situation on site and draw up a lifting plan if necessary. In this way, we can take care of your entire project. 

Telescopic crane

At Gerritsen, we currently have two telescopic cranes with a huge reach. The telescopic crane is mobile thanks to its fixed undercarriage and ideal for cramped and difficult-to-reach locations. At long distances, we can perform lifting work thanks to the telescopic boom, or extendable 'lever'. 


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